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The Ghost town in Kayaköy – Remains of Greek and Turkish history

It is hard to believe but the Ghost town once had been a lively settlement with about 25,000 inhabitants. In the village, whose old name was Levissi, used to live Anatolian Greek Christians until 1922. Following the Turkish War of Independence both Greece and Turkey agreed to a population exchange that sealed the fate of approximately 2 million people, including Levissi’s population. Greece expelled all Muslims inhabitants, while Turkey displaced all Greek Orthodox in return. The village was repopulated but the Muslims from Greek Macedonia established their houses on the flat land and the houses on the hillside stayed abandoned.

Today the Ghost town is a famous tourist attraction and a historical monument with ca. 500 ruins of old Greek houses, two churches and some chapels.

Photographs by Uygur Vural and Travelandarts

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Ghost town of Kayaköy

Photograph by Uygur Vural

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